The new Down Syndrome SA Brand

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

Following the recent announcement of the successful merger of Down Syndrome SA (DSSA) with Orana Australia Ltd, we are pleased to reveal DSSA’s brand new look!

The new brand meets all of the existing expectations of what the original brand stood for while simultaneously moving the brand forward.

Striving to develop a brand that reflects the DSSA personality and experience was a primary focus. Dynamic, playful, optimistic, fresh, vibrant and modern were personality traits that guided the creativity process.

The rebranding involved a top-to-bottom redesign with new brand assets including a modern and fresh logo, along with a new website and other visual communications that use a simple icon.

This playful icon is an abstract representation of the chromosome with its clean rounded curves and two-tone colours that
compliment the modern friendly typeface.

Colour provides a strong visual link to a brand identity. The choice of purple reinforces the individuality of the DSSA brand representing boldness, creativity and a brighter tomorrow and the green represents the connection and relationship with the wider Orana family.

We are excited about the future and continuing our focus on creating opportunities for people with disability to live fulfilling lives.