Life Education and Work Skills

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Life Education

The level of complexity faced by people with disability when tackling everyday tasks and activities can be challenging. Life Education provides participants with the opportunity to develop skills to live as independently as possible.

The focus of Life Education is to develop everyday skills with a focus on building confidence and independence.

Aimed at post-secondary students and adults, Life Education provides individual programs in basic literacy and numeracy, personal and life skills development, work skills and incorporates a health and fitness program.

We offer a range of training and development activities, aimed at building an individual’s capacity to manage day‐to‐day life, through the development of their knowledge, skills and networks of support.

Development of life skills focuses on daily life activities, communication and social skills and problem solving.

We also support family members and carers implement strategies to manage challenging issues such as social skills, dealing with emotions, relationships and sexuality.

Work Skills

The Work Skills Program is an enhancement of Life Education. Staff will work to identify each participant’s prevocational and vocational skills through the use of strength and ability checklists. The aim is to increase skills for work experience and employment. Staff work with participants individually to ascertain specific areas of interest, and through both one on one and small groups, aims to improve their work skill set.

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